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Over the next months, we will keep adding content and building our library, so please make sure to check back periodically. We are excited about developing this product, which we began devising in collaboration with the University of Maryland in 2019. Since then, we have been working hard on finding a solution to displaying an interactive music score synchronized to relevant video and audio recordings. We believe that the current version offers students an unprecedented level of flexibility and allows them to tailor their practice regimen to various levels.

You can slow down or speed up recordings, listen to individual measures or sections, as well as transpose the music in real time. The latter option is particularly useful to discover unorthodox keys and train your understanding of music theory and transposition.

The recordings have been chosen to mimic a real-life instance where you might be required to notate a given melody, harmony, or even the entire score. Worksheets accomany some of the examples and are designed to make you wonder about relevant characteristics, making you aware of details that should ultimately help you with the process of transcribing the piece at hand.